Program Subscribers


Municipal entities with an interest in ongoing program support will benefit from the subscription program. This program provides ongoing information services as well as a strategy for program improvement.

Civic Groups

Civic or social clubs and sites that host meetings, events, or occassions for their members and/or the general public. Appropriate emergency planning is due diligence for the safety of your visitors.

Faith Based

The faith ​based community is among the most active community organization following a disaster. Effective planning and preparedness will provide a framework and training for your response locally.

Special Taxing Bodies

Special taxing bodies like park and library districts have a unique responsibility in a community but often lack resources to conduct ongoing planning. Our subscription program is a solution for those challenges.

Logsdon Group Subscriptions


Resilience is the keyword in emergency management today. The Logsdon Group provides a comprehensive program of planning, training and exercise to ensure government compliance. But more, the process is inclusive of the whole community and considers each organization's role in the disaster cycle of preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

By working within the community, our programs more effectively plan for and evaluate disaster response that a community is at risk for.

In addition to the myriad of natural disasters that we face, in the Midwest there is additional risk to our communities by individuals through the use of force or violence. By partnering with the community and first responders, the Logsdon Group provides up to date and cutting edge information to build options for persons who are faced with life endangering situations.

Our subscription program allows every client to select the program options that will be most effective for their role in preparedness and disaster response. Whether a municipality, other taxing body, faith based, civic, or other community based group, we have a solution to support your preparedness.


The most important key to community preparedness is sustainability. There are no high end consulting fees associated with this mentoring program. As a comprehensive, community based program, we ensure that the program is accessible to every size organization regardless of how small the operating budget is.  The program is flexible and priced based on organization size. Call us today for information specific to your organization.