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Emergency Operations

Continuity of Operations

Incident Action

Special Event



Incident Command (100 - 400 level)

Operations Center

Emergency Management

Mass Care

Damage Assessment

Resource Management

Curriculum development for your needs


IEMA Prepared Community certification

NIMS Compliance

Homeland Security Exercise Program

Program Assessment and Development

Volunteer Program Development

Document Development

Emergency Operations Center Strategies

Local Government Program

Simplifying Emergency Management

Many municipalities have an emergency management program. Some even include a paid Emergency Management position. But oftentimes, the amount of work to be conducted is impossible for the limited staff available.

And local support through volunteer programs are slowed by a lack of training, education, experience and availability.

The requirements and expectations of oversight organizations and the general public grow daily.

Through our mentoring and support program, the Logsdon Group provides comprehensive planning and preparedness solutions that account for each of these factors. Whether you want ongoing program or project support, the Logsdon Group has the resources available to you.

In addition to our individual offerings, we have also developed a package program that can be accessed by any jurisdiction regardless of funding availability through our Referral Program. The whole community will benefit from public safety planning and response, this program shares the responsibility for planning across the community and provides a benefit back to the government. See our Subscription page for additional information.

And as your full service emergency management support group, we stand ready to support your planning and preparedness needs on an individual basis. Call us today to discuss your specific needs.